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Zia Strong

The Only Cross-Training box in Carlsbad!
Since 2020


Here at Zia Strong Fitness, we believe in community and providing simple and effective programming of varied functional movements that improve our daily well-being.  You'll never get bored because each days 


At Zia Strong Fitness there is infinite scalability. We gear every workout to your capabilities, in order to develop your individual potential. Whether it’s adjusting movement complexity or weights used, we ensure you get the best workout for you. Intensity is relative to the individual, the needs of a seasoned athlete and the average gym-goer differ by degree, not to the average athlete.

We strive to make this the best hour of your day and the gym your home away from home. To do that we make time for you to learn from our Zia Strong Trainers and practice technique under their watch; warm-up and mobilize properly to ensure health and safety, and take the time to enjoy the process with the people around you.

These programs allow you to train to be the best YOU! Living a healthier lifestyle with Diet and Exercise will change your life.  Come see us! 

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